How to Play Tourist Around London


It’s been close to two months since I moved now, one month in my new job and a few weeks since I moved into my flat – it’s all happening! Despite all these milestones which indicate I’m fast on the road to calling myself a legit Londoner, I still feel like there’s a grace period where I am perfectly entitled to hover somewhere between wannabe local and complete foreigner; the extremity of my situation determined mostly my level of confidence for the day.

This bank holiday weekend I was joined by a partner in crime from high school and together we played tourist around town. Ground covered: Brunch down Portobello Rd (including a stroll through the crowded Saturday market), wishful window shopping down Kings Road, a stop at Covent Garden, tapas in Soho, a rotation ’round the London Eye, a river cruise down the Thames to visit to the Crown jewels at the Tower of London, finishing with much craved yum cha in Chinatown. A pretty solid London tourist weekend, not to mention excellent use of a long weekend, if I do say so myself.

MissECalwell_PortobelloRd MissECalwell_CarnabySt




Keen to replicate? Here’s some helpful places and tips to get you started:

Portobello Road – this was my second trip to the market and I enjoyed it a lot more than my first. As all sources will say, GO EARLY! We got the Tube to Ladbroke Grove and worked our way up the hill to Notting Hill Gate. The map found here will help you hone in on specific areas if you’re after something in particular.

Kings Road – I like to start at Sloane Square and slowly stroll down the street. When my feet get tired, or I’m out of ££ for the day, I jump on the bus and people watch from the top deck.

Tapas – We went to Dehesa and it was amazing.

London Eye – Go early and check the forecast. Buy tickets in advance. Be prepared for the fact that the wheel moves slow. You’re up there a while.

Dim Sum/Yum Cha – I’m pretty picky when it comes to Asian cuisine but this place we found via a quick Google did not disappoint when it came to satisfying our Yum Cha craving.