5 Reasons you need to visit South Melbourne Market

Part of what I really loved about being home in Melbourne over the past few weeks was looking at my home city through a different lens. I’ve gotten so used to sharing glimpses of my London life with my family and friends back in Australia that it was a refreshing reversal to instead be sharing snaps of my Melbourne home with those back in the UK. It really made me think more thoughtfully about what I was doing whilst I was home. Now that I’m back in London and back to work, I’m so excited to be able to share a few of my favourite Melbourne things with you all as I reminisce.

On that note, many visitors to Melbourne will have heard about the Queen Victoria Market (the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere) however, the perhaps slightly lesser known South Melbourne Market is, without a doubt, my favourite in town.

My ever first agency job was just up the road from the market so I, naturally, have nostalgic connections to it. We used to pop down at lunchtime for famous South Melbourne Dim Sims or hot jam donuts to help us through chaotic afternoons. It was a delightful ritual and one which I’m still a little bit sad to no longer have – but it’s comforting to know that the market is still as buzzing and vibrant as I remember it.

But don’t just take my nostalgia laden word for it – here are five reasons why you need to visit South Melbourne Market the next time you’re in the ‘hood:


1. Pretty Produce



2. Fresh Flowers



3. Local Design



4. Local cafes and pubs



5. South Melbourne Shopping


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