5 fun (and non-touristy) London activities


London is one of those places where there is literally never a shortage of fun and exciting things to do. They say ‘when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life’ and it’s a cliché for a reason.

To really make the most of my time in this incredible city, I vowed in my British Bucket List to do something new at least once a month – and so far, I feel like I’m making good progress.

To that end, I thought it was about time I shared five of my favourite, and decidedly less touristy, London activities that I’ve done so far:

1. Cocktail lessons in East London

I feel like learning how to make a kick ass espresso martini and a proper margarita has added tremendously to my net worth (though I’m a long way from perfection). Mixology in East London made the learning process totally enjoyable and their patience prevailed despite the increasing tipsiness.


2. Time Run

Back in the day, me and my friends may have had a penchant for the ol’ murder mystery party and this felt like a grown up extension. Time Run is an escape the room challenge – basically, you’re find yourself (and at least three fellow teammates) locked in a room and have to escape within a set time period. Problem solving and teamwork then ensue before, hopefully, you find your way out and win the glory of having both accomplished something and exercised a few brain cells you haven’t touched since high school.

3. The Piano Works

This place is potentially one of my favourite places in the entire world. Big call, I know. Imagine if you will, all the best parts of karaoke and live music in one extremely happy place. You will leave voiceless and aching all over but in the best possible way.



4. Christmas Hat Making at DRINK, SHOP & DO

Whilst my experience was obviously a seasonal activity, Drink, Shop & Do (self proclaimed ‘Cafe by day. Bar by night. Fun things to do.) is a stroke of genius. And not just because they trusted a group of semi-drunk adults with glue guns and glitter glue. DS&D offer activities of all sorts, including everything from workshops in calligraphy and Easter piñatas, to musical bingo. Amazing.


5. Lunch in Paris

Whilst not technically a ‘London’ activity, this is one of the more surreal activities I’ve done since moving here. To this day, it all feels like a bit of a dream: an early morning Eurostar followed by lunch at the top of the Eiffel tour and an evening train back to London – I can quite honestly say that I have never felt so spoiled, decadent and humbled all at once. Praise the Eurostar.



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