British Bucket List

Back in June, a few months into my London tenure after the initial shock of the cross continental move had worn off, I started my ‘British Bucket List‘ – i.e; a list of things that I wanted see/do whilst I’m living here.  I work full time (a standard 9-to-5 situation) so I made a commitment to myself that I would make the most of my weekends, doing something new at least once a month.

Since then, some items have been conquered, some added and some yet to come to fruition – thankfully, there’s still time.

To see

A celebrity in their natural habitat

Some architecture in Helsinki

The Tate Modern

The British Museum

The Natural History Museum

The Greenwich Meridian

To do

Live out a childhood dream: visiting the Harry Potter studios is first on the list (EDIT: Considering this was first thing on my list, I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t tackled this one – but it’s in the works!)

Pay homage to Jane Austen (I mean visiting Bath, not finding Mr. Darcy. Not that I’d say no to the latter)

Pretend I have Hugh Grant chasing after me to Gimme Some Lovin’: and by that I mean, tea at The Ritz.

Visit Henry VIII’s humble abode: to make the most of the limited historical knowledge I took away with me from high school

Hunt down some four leaf clovers in St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Roll some cheese down a hill in Gloucestershire

Conquer the Time Out Top 100 (side note: I’m up to 14 17)

To go





Austria (Salzburg, Vienna)

Sweden (Stockholm)


Spain (Barcelona, Seville)

Italy (all of it)

Greece (island hopping)



Scotland (Edinburgh)



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