“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.” – Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


Who is MissECalwell?

Hi! I’m Elizabeth – a twenty seven year old digital media professional from Melbourne, Australia.  After 25 years of living, loving and working in my hometown, I was starting to feel restless and was ready for a new adventure. So, I moved to London in April 2015.

Nice to meet you!


So what is MissECalwell about?

As most people know, being an Aussie in London is a bit of a cliche. In fact, there’s thousands of us here. So what is it about this city that keeps luring us in? If you ask me, the answer to ‘Why London?’ is near impossible to fully articulate.

What I can tell you is that moving here has been an incredible adventure so far and London Life is, without a doubt, truly special. I love this city.

That said, when you’ve overcome the initial excitement, settled into a routine, the weather gets grey, there’s a tube strike or you get sick, it’s also very easy to take it for granted. So, before I left Melbourne, I started MissECalwell to help ensure that I never do.

MissECalwell is a blog documenting the ins and outs of my expat life in London – the unexpected lessons, the food, the travel and all the adventures along the way. In sharing these, I hope not only to pay homage to life in this incredible city but also to inspire you to do the same.


Where should we start?

My London Life Lessons are where I take stock of what I’ve learned so far during my London adventure. It’s a regular check in and a great place to get to know a bit more about me. You’ll also find advice about London life here – such as what it’s like to move abroad solo and 5 unexpected truths about London Life.




Inspiration and Snapshots will give you a glimpse into my escapades as I document my way through my British Bucket List. Like when I rented a Boris Bike to explore Hyde Park, visited the Chelsea Flower Show or the first time I visited the Tate Modern.




A key part of London life is taking almost any opportunity to leave it: In Escape you’ll find snapshots and inspiration as I explore all that Europe has to offer. How about a weekend in Paris? A day in Capri? Or Midsummer in Helsinki? Or 24 hours in Prague?




And finally, if you are ever (for whatever unknown reason) at a loss for what to do in London, this is where you’ll find inspiration. Like some very talented Londoners on Instagram, my favourite tourist activities and what to do in those moments when you just feel like looking at some pretty flowers.





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