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Another week, another gloriously sunny Monday! I had a productive week last week in spite of some communication issues and the grisly grey weather threatening my otherwise sunny demeanour. Here’s a brief snapshot of what’s been going on in my world:

I’ve been listening to:

Disco Forever. One listen and I know you’ll understand why.

I’m recovering from:

Two hours of torture exercise back-to-back at Another Space. An ‘urban triathlon’, if you will. Twenty-four hours later, my post-exercise high has worn off and am now having trouble lifting my limbs. Seemed like a good idea at the time? 

I’ve been watching:

Binge watched Riviera last weekend which has surprisingly turned me off pursuing a life of luxury in a palatial house in Côte d’Azur. Probably for the best, really. 

I’ve been planning:

Holidays!!! My unemployment/temporary leave of absence earlier in the year has meant that I’ve been spending the last couple of months getting back into the swing of London life. As such, my feet are starting to get a little restless. Trying to curb the craving, saving my pennies, by throwing my efforts into helping my parents plan their upcoming trips to Cornwall and Bath. 

Also planning:

The removal of a dozen or so pigeons who have loudly taken up residence on the roof next to my bedroom window. They need to go. Send suggestions and help my way please. 


Here’s to a lovely week ahead! Xx

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