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Sunny Sunday evenings in the springtime are positively one of my most favourite things in the world. After a rather drizzly, grey and intense week last week, both literal and metaphoric sunshine are very much welcomed! Few things beat the contagious optimism which fills London on a summery day.

What I’m watching:

I devoured all seven episodes of Anne with an E this week. I’m such a fan of the original Anne of Green Gables and the new series on Netflix brought me so much joy.

What I’m reading:

Eleanor B├╝sing’s piece on Real Life in London: 7 Things You’ll Need to Be Ok With To Love Living Here. Though a couple of years old now, it still manages to acknowledge all those moments of London life which are decidedly less Instagram-able in a really thoughtful and optimistic way.

What I’m eating & drinking:

Prosecco and cocktails from the far too cool Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. When in East London…

What I’m doing:

Lusting after Oliver Bonas’ new collection of summer sandals.


Here’s to a pre-bank holiday week of sunshine and fun! x

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