Ich bin ein Berliner: Autumn in Berlin


There’s some cities that I’ve been to which have been purely and utterly love at first sight: New York City, Venice and London, obviously. Berlin was not one of them.

My love for Berlin has been more of a slow burn. There’s something cold and quiet about the city that makes it feel, on the surface, unwelcoming and a bit disinterested. It’s not crowded and its best bits are decidedly hidden – but as you come to learn,  part of Berlin’s charm is having you discover them on your own.

It goes without saying, but Berlin’s obviously seen some dark days. The history in the city is overwhelming and totally humbling. This most recent trip in late November marked my fourth trip to the city and I can honestly say that every single time I’ve been, I’ve learned something completely new. I don’t think anything I’ve seen in my travels has really had the same impact as when I first stood at the Berlin wall – I mean, they just put up a WALL. It’s crazy.

Aside from all this though, Berlin has so much to offer in terms of shopping, design, food and some of the best coffee you’ll find outside Melbourne. Having now travelled a bit more around the rest of Germany, there’s really nowhere else like it. It’s affordable, quirky and ultimately, such a rewarding place to spend some time.

Until next time, Berlin.










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