Christmas in the Countryside: Bradford on Avon

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! What a year. But more to come on the joys of 2016 over the next few days.

After what felt like a marathon of Christmas parties, lunches and end of work chaos, by the end of last week I was well and truly looking forward to a few cosy days in the country. Last year, I went back to Melbourne for Christmas for some much-needed sun and family time: it was a whirlwind visit and though great, it’s sadly not something my bank account permits me to indulge in annually. So, this year I spent my ‘orphan Christmas’ with a few friends in the delightfully picturesque Bradford-on-Avon.




Though small, the town was beautiful, friendly and welcoming: exactly what I was looking for during the festive season away from home. Because of the time of year, most things were closed over the few days we were down there which really forced us to slow down. It’s amazing how easily you become addicted to the pace of London life. To spend such a large amount of our time inside, relaxing, cooking and watching all the Christmas movies Netflix had to offer almost felt like a novelty.




Don’t worry though – we still managed to find the pub (The Bear Inn) and good food (Timbrell’s Yard and The Weaving Shed) to sustain us. But mostly, it was strolling through the greenery and contemplating what on earth I was thinking by ordering a turkey large enough to feed 11-14 people when there were only four of us. Life lesson: they’re not exaggerating the portion sizes.





So now I’m back in London, spending ‘Chrimbo Limbo’ catching up on all those decidedly non-blog worthy life admin tasks I’ve neglected over the past few months of travel and socialising. YAY!

Here’s to the last week of 2016 – let’s make it a good one.




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