London Life Lessons


It’s cold, grey and absolutely bucketing down with rain as I write this. Way to be cliché, London.

I’ve spent the day (and now evening) at home, forcing myself to do absolutely nothing. I’ve done the washing, a trip to the supermarket, gone for a run, run some errands , baked a batch of cookies (free to a good home!) and binge watched season 5 of Offspring. So, you know – it’s gone well.

I’ve always found myself an inherent multi-tasker: I function best when I’m busy and have lots of things to do. The problem with this potentially unsustainable side of my personality is that London has a tendency to exacerbate this. Anyone who’s lived here will know just how addicted you get to the pace of London life. When you stop, the feeling of stir craziness is pretty intense. First world problems.

In other (not entirely unrelated) news:

  • Time Out’s list of 101 Things to Do in London has got me adding lots of new things to my British Bucket List.
  • I’ve taken up Spanish as a new hobby and have started lessons this week. Hopefully soon my conversational skills will extend beyond “Hola. Cerveza. Hasta luego.”. Though, to be fair, that phrase still gets the job done.
  • I’ve covered lots of new ground: visiting Peckham, Clapham and Dalston for the first time.
  • Booked a Christmas cottage for Christmas in the country. I can’t wait for Christmas jumpers, roast turkey, mulled wine and jigsaw puzzles. If it snows, I think my life just may be complete.
  • A dream came true last night as I saw the Goo Goo Dolls belt out Iris – the anthem of my 15-year-old romantic self.

Here’s to a cosy, productive and happy week ahead!

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