London & California Life Lessons


What a whirlwind the past eight weeks have been. This past Saturday feels like the first I’ve spent inside in weeks after spending the summer travelling, eating, drinking and having a ball. Life could, obviously, be worse.

But now that familiar darkness is creeping in, the days are getting shorter, the air a little crisper and the emails counting down to Christmas are slowly but surely landing in my inbox: winter is well and truly on its way. Bring on the fairy lights and mulled wine!

In case you’ve missed it on Instagram, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Most significantly, I spent a blissful week sunning myself in the California sunshine. Dipping my toes in the Pacific ocean, basking in the sun, seeing my family for the first time since Christmas – what a week it was!
  • After spending hours in Ubers across LA, realised that I certainly haven’t missed driving and traffic as much as I thought I did.
  • Booked a spontaneous girls trip to Berlin in November in anticipation of Christmas markets and fun times.
  • Realised my affinity for transcendentalism following a reading of the iconic Siddhartha.
  • Laughed the hardest I have in a very long time at Bridget Jones’s Baby. Perhaps the best Bridget yet.

Until next week x

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