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Another London Sunday is upon us – but with the sun shining, it’s really a bit tricky to feel too melancholy. Pass the Pimms please.

The past week been one of exercise, good times, sunshine and books: what more can a girl want really?

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Harry Potter is back! And with him, the enthusiasm and anticipation that I remember so fondly from all those teenage years I spent awaiting J.K Rowling’s next instalment. I’ve just finished reading the script for Cursed Child and am super excited to have secured a ticket to see the play next year.
  • Dining at Dinerama helped satiate all my street food cravings. Tacos, wings, brisket, mojitos: the perfect combination for a Thursday-night feast.
  • I learned that when a cocktail is called a ‘Shoreditch Twat’, that should probably act as a bit of a warning sign. Let’s just say, I’ve certainly learned my lesson. But if you’re keen, stop by The Book Club and try it yourself.
  • When the sun is out, get to the park. I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully comfortable with the onslaught of near nudity that comes with visiting any of London’s parks on a sunny day, but I appreciate the enthusiasm nonetheless.
  • Fashionably late to the party, I’ve also jumped on the Magic Lessons bandwagon. Trust me – and all those who discovered its amazingness before me – you’re going to be hooked.

Here’s to a lovely summery week ahead! x

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