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It’s officially July – how did that happen!? It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas and now we’re less than 6 months away from the next one (terrifying, I know).

Good news is that the sun is shining and it’s getting warmer! Bring on summer holidays!

Here’s what’s been going on in my world:

  • It’s been all about fitness this past week. Firstly, it’s absolutely delightful to have longer days which, though messing with my sleep patterns, are naturally much more conducive to early morning/post-work running. Secondly, I’ve been trying new things: specifically, Kobox and Barry’s Bootcamp. Though my abs are still appropriately sore, I’m keen to keep up the momentum.
  • I paid a visit to Australia House to vote in the Australian Federal Election, thrilled to hear the familiar twang of my fellow countrymen but decidedly less so to hear that it’s a hung parliament. Again.
  • For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve upped my photography game by officially investing in a DSLR. It’s been two days and I’m already obsessed.
  • I’ve had some friends in town which brings out the London tourist in me. Last weekend, I climbed over Tower Bridge and shared a few of my favourite tourist activities with you all to celebrate.

Here’s to a fun, rain-free week ahead! x

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