My 6 Favourite Touristy Things To Do in London

I’m lucky that, thanks to my job, I get to do a lot of unique and exciting things in London. Everything from murder mystery evenings to Taste of London, cocktail making and other assorted and decidedly non-touristy London activities. That said, I’ve also ticked off most of the more typical tourist London activities.

Whilst not all of these I’d do again (my patience was truly tested by the queues at the Tower of London…), there’s a few slightly corny, unashamedly touristy things that I still love and never hesitate to recommend to visiting friends and family.

Read on for six of my favourite touristy things to do in London:


Take a Cruise down the Thames on a London River Boat

It’s so affordable (only a few pounds and you can use your Oyster card!) and such a fun way to see the city. Ideally, pick a sunny day but I’ve done this in the rain as well and had almost as much fun. I’d recommend jumping on near the Eye and working your way down to the Tower of London but you can plot your course with TFL here.


Watch the World Go By Piccadilly Circus

Maybe it’s because I work in advertising, or because it’s one of my first and fondest memories of this city, but there’s just something about Piccadilly Circus that makes me fall in love with London again and again. Call me sentimental, but when you’re standing in the middle, the cars, black cabs and red double-decker buses zooming around you, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the centre of the universe.




Visit the British Museum

The British Museum can be a little overwhelming for just one visit but it’s still pretty incredible and a truly humbling place to visit. I mean, the Rosetta Stone is there. THE ACTUAL ROSETTA STONE. It’s pretty mind-blowing.




Admire lots of pretty things at Liberty

Liberty = my true north. Pay it a visit and I know you’ll soon understand why.



Get sentimental at Seven Dials

Seven Dials is one of my favourite parts of London. Can’t tell you exactly why (perhaps its the Melbourne-esque array of cafés and boutiques?) but this intersection (just a short stroll from Covent Garden) is consistently lovely, whether there’s rain, hail or shine.




Have a Snack at Harvey Nichols

This little cafe at the top of the gorgeous Knightsbridge department store is such a great place for people watching. And, if you’re so inclined, THE place to find those £10 teapot-shaped sugar cubes you’ve been searching for.





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