London Life Lessons


Happy Sunday everyone! Another weekend in London has flown by. I unfortunately spent most of mine curled up in bed with sinus infection (I really should have been taking more of my own advice) following a rather busy week!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Attempted my best movie-star-on-press tour impression filming a case study for work. Note to self: have not missed calling as an actress and should most definitely stick to day job.
  • Went to The Graham Norton Show where I not only saw the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster but the one and only SIR ELTON JOHN. Elton John on Graham Norton – I mean, it just doesn’t get much more British than that! Consequently, I’ve been singing Bennie and the Jets on repeat ever since. Sorry not sorry.
  • Planned an upcoming trip to the Lake District in July to get my Beatrix Potter on. Bring on the summertime road trip!
Lots of fun things to come this week including a trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, a sure to be epic murder mystery evening and a spa day in Cambridge.
Here’s hoping yours is as equally fun-filled!
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