Café Liberty


I like to think of Liberty as my true north – much like Daisy and Gatsby’s green light. For some, it’s just a shop (one full of exorbitantly priced goods) so this will sound a bit materialistic and pretentious. Regardless, for me it’s always represented more and my love for it, quite frankly, is unwavering.

The first time I ever visited London, I stayed at the YHA hostel down the road. I loved escaping the tiny room to spend hours wandering the store instead, admiring Liberty’s beautiful things and attention to detail. It’s a juxtaposition which pretty much sums up me and my philosophy on life and travel.

I think, though, what really sparked this obsession affection (aside from escaping hostel life) was how inherently joyous the store felt. For the years which followed this first London trip, these initial memories lingered and iconic images of Liberty were my persistent motivation for making my dreams of living the London Life a reality.

So when I moved here, of course Café Liberty obviously became one of my favourite places to indulge in an afternoon treat and cup of tea. To this day, it’s still my favourite happy place in this crazy city – not to mention, a fond reminder of how far I’ve come since my YHA days.








You can find Café Liberty on the 2nd floor of the store, just off Regent Street.


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