Why I fell in love with Venice


They say that there’s two types of people in the world: those who love the city of Venice, and those who hate it – I’m most definitely the former. Call me naïve romantic, I don’t care: I was utterly bewitched by the small but magical city.

But can you blame me? Let’s consider the facts:


The sunset is breathtaking

For the first forty-five minutes of my flight from Paris to Venice, I sat on the plane wondering why on earth I decided to fly rather than getting the train (due to logistical concerns). But as we descended over the city and the sun was setting, my regrets were thrown completely out the window. It was so beautiful that I might have even shed a tear…



The streets are a joy to get lost in

It’s like wandering through a painting, with each turn leading you somewhere prettier than the last.



The canals have to be seen to be believed

Whether your riding in a gondola, water taxi, the vaporetto or simply walking the streets, Venice’s canals are really striking and the city’s reliance on them is completely compelling.




The soundtrack

In London, there’s sirens and shouting outside your window.

In Venice, there are serenades.



Seriously, what’s not to love?

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