London Life Lessons


I don’t know about you but the past was the longest short week ever. On the plus side, the sun is was shining, my lovely little sister has arrived to visit for a few weeks and shortly we’ll be off to Paris and Italy to explore. Life is pretty good if you ask me!

This week’s highlights:

  • Remembering that London does Springtime pretty damn well. Sunshine, daffodils, green – seriously, I dare you not to smile…
  • Watching the The Cambridge v. Oxford Boat Race, crossing another item off my British Bucket List.
  • Enjoying some delightful dim sum (oh how I miss dumplings!!) at Hutong at The Shard.
  • Spending hours giggling out loud on the bus reading Bridget Jones’ Diary. Though I’ve seen the movies, I have totally new empathy for Bridget as a fellow single girl in London.

Hope the weekend ahead is sunny and full of fun for you all – until next week! Xx

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