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Happy Friday everyone!

This week has flown by in a haze of airports, schizophrenic weather, spreadsheets and food like, let’s be honest, the best weeks often do. It signalled the start of what is going to be a busy month of adventures ahead and, after two months of London winter blues, I’m more than ready to welcome it with open arms.

Here are this week’s key highlights:

  • I started the week en route back from an all too brief solo sojourn to Prague. After weeks of restlessness, I’d almost forgotten how much I love exploring new cities. Read more on my 24 hours in the city here.
  • In true stereotypical fashion, London’s weather has been all over the place. I’ve seen sunshine, rain and snow this week (in the same day, no less). Despite this, I spent most of the week appreciating the first glimpses of sunshine and a return to daylight filled mornings. I’m looking forward to springing forward in a few week’s time into…well, spring…I have pre-emptively celebrated the occasion with lots of smiling and by booking myself a ticket to the Chelsea Flower show.
  • Playing with make-up like a little kid in Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Boudoir has left me with both the confidence to rock berry matte lipstick and a somewhat depressing obsession with her indulgent (read: very expensive) Magic Cream.
  • After what can only be described as a joyous experience at Jason Atherton’s City Social last week, I had the joy of more loveliness with lunch at freshly opened Sosharu which was an absolutely delightful way to end the week.


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