Cold, dark and feeling positive: surviving my first London winter


No one can say I wasn’t warned.

What seemed like mere moments after the official end of ‘summer’, the sage warnings about how miserable and lonely London becomes post Christmas and New Year’s started flooding in. It’s dark, cold and wet, they said, with no more Christmas parties and no one will want to do anything fun because they will be broke (or should i say ‘skint’) and doing dry January. The list seemed a little bit endless and, quite frankly, a little over dramatic. And don’t get me started on Blue Monday.

But what can I say: they weren’t entirely wrong.

Firstly, some context to justify my perspective: January in Melbourne is a fabulous time to be in the city. The weather is beautiful, moods are appropriately lifted and the post-Christmas festivities are arguably more fun than those which preceded it. The photos of barbeques, the Australian Open, trips to the beach, polo and summer holidays overwhelming Facebook and Instagram feeds is enough to make even the most kindhearted a wee bit jealous. World of Wanderlust’s recent visit to my hometown was almost enough to send me over the edge with a bad case of FOMO.

London is a bit different. It’s been cold. The type of cold where you have a bit of trouble walking in the mornings due to your feet feeling like they have been replaced by big ice cubes. Where your hands are so cold your phone doesn’t register their touch (#firstworldproblem) and the horizontal rain causes a perpetual scowl. Social calendars have certainly calmed down and work has been surprisingly busy for so early in the year. Christmas feels like a bit of a distant memory already and the sight of all the sad, discarded Christmas trees on the side of the road certainly doesn’t help curb the melancholy.

Before you start thinking less of me, I realised quite quickly (after about a week and a half of complaining – a big sorry to my co-workers and London based friends) that it’s really not so bad. Not only that, but I transitioned into being quite disappointed in myself for struggling so much with what can only be described (generously) as ‘mild’ weather.

So as January officially comes to an end, and after acknowledging to myself that I’ve officially exhausted my quota for weather complaining, I’ve turned to the light side. I’m now only permitting myself to dwell on the positives of a London winter – so thank goodness for double glazing, endless cups of tea, cosy boots and winter hats!

Here’s to a sunny week ahead, even if only metaphorically.

On Sundays, we jump in puddles #london #kingscross #grainstore #sundaybrunch #rainyday @the_prattler

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