Feeling festive with a side of patriotism


I’ve been in a bit of awe this week. It’s been eight months since I packed up and moved – eight months?!? I fully appreciate that I’ll probably look back in a year’s time and will be overwhelmed with the exact same feeling of incredulousness but bear with me whilst I bask in this realisation for a moment.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about myself since moving abroad (exacerbated by a viewing of The Dressmaker last week)  is how it’s made me feel more Australian than ever before. Not just from the mere uber consciousness of my accent and Australianisms, but the nostalgia I’ve felt for everything from the ambient sound of kookaburras and magpies, coffee, cheap dumplings, music and even sport.

As much as I love my London life and won’t be tattooing my bicep with a Southern Cross anytime soon, I’ve come to realise that despite the cliches, there’s just no place like home. Amongst all the amazing things I’m adding to my life through new experiences, adventures and travel – there is still something about moving to a new place and having to rediscover new routines and habits that has made me nostalgic for the strangest things.

For example –

The Beach. I grew up in Melbourne which is known for being the more cosmopolitan and European of the Australian capital cities. So I’ve never considered myself a beach girl. Despite this, moving to London has made me appreciate the Australian coasts and just how beautiful and iconic they are – not to mention their close proximity.

Knowing what’s on TV and on what channel. One hundred percent a first world problem, obviously. Having to re-learn an entirely new media landscape from a consumer’s perspective has been eye opening.

Classic Australian rock and Aussie hip hop. Love it or hate it, there’s just nothing like those memories of being a teenager, dancing around in the hot summer sun at dusty music festivals, to make you feel a bit homesick. Bit of Powderfinger does it every time…

So as I head into my first proper British winter (and I won’t lie – I’m slightly terrified at this point…) I’m more thankful than ever that I made the decision to head home for Christmas this year for my fix of Australia. Though don’t worry – I’ve got a bit of home with me in the meantime.

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