London Life Lessons: Rites of Passage

Well, it’s another Monday and I’m embarrassingly behind in my updates here. What can I say – it’s been a busy month!

So, without further ado, here’s what I have learnt in London this week last week week before last THE LAST MONTH.

1. Tube Strikes. They are legit. Don’t make light of them. They are everything Buzzfeed describe them as and they will hinder your ability to get around the city. Or to work. Or to anywhere. Even for a Tube obsessed commuter such as myself.

2. All it takes is a bit of sunshine to cheer up the Brits. When sun is forecasted, expect to see a similar sunniness of disposition. Except when it’s the hottest day in 9 years – then there’s only one way to describe that: SWEATY.

3. When Easyjet say one bag, they mean ONE bag. No handbag, nothing. Don’t cheat the system as it will cost you either your dignity (as you become that person re packing your bag at the airport) or £45. BA – I’m all yours.

4. If you are feeling lonely, in need of a friend or really just want to talk to another human being, do NOT try calling the National Insurance Number hotline: you will merely find yourself attempting (usually multiple times) trying to navigate through their labyrinth of automated messages, only to find yourself at dead end after dead end, all your efforts eventually culminating in repeated stern words with recorded voicemails and slamming down of phone handsets.

Until next time xx

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