Why the Helsinki not?

I’ve made no secret of my plans to live my European life to the fullest whilst I am here – a key part of that being frequent trips to ‘The Continent’. But where to start? When travel is so inexpensive and quick, how does one possibly choose where to begin?

Following my first weekend in Paris, I then proceeded to make a list and from there, practically picked at random. My first solo stop, (in a slight homage to my hometown of Melbourne) – Helsinki, Finland.

My knowledge of Helsinki was limited to fun anecdotes from a close friend whom had studied there, comparisons to my time in Denmark and Architecture in Helsinki (there’s the connection to Melbourne, in case you missed it). So I bought a book and studied up on the plane trip over to the land of Santa Clause and Marimekko.

IMG_2009 I (unintentionally) booked my trip to coincide with the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere: The Midsummer Festival. I have no words to describe what it was like to have spent three full days in daylight. I’ve never seen anything like it. Sitting on the rocky shores of the island of Suomenlinna as the weather changed almost instantly from clear blue sunshine skies to fog covered coast line felt so peaceful. It sounds a bit poetic, but the fog had movement – the closest I think I will ever get to sitting on a cloud. It was equal parts magical and terrifying (almost like a horror movie).

The Helsinki Highlights:









IMG_4949 (1)




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