London Life Lessons: The Basics


It’s been a week full of some ups and some downs with most of my time and energy spent getting used to a new daily routine. More adventures are scheduled for this week – but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve discovered during the last week’s travels…

TRANSPORT: Ever wondered just HOW those big red buses manoeuvre the small side streets of London without getting stuck or damaging property and/or parked cars? Turns out, they don’t. I learnt this after being politely let off a bus to walk the remainder of my journey, leaving three buses and two cars caught in a minor gridlock situation in a side street. Pedestrians had to step in as traffic control.

WEATHER: When the forecast says rain, they mean it. Lots of rain. All day. Despite the fact that it was a sunny Spring day only 24 hours before. Take an umbrella but be prepared to get sworn at (lots) when carrying through crowds. I’m a little disappointed in my Melbourne self for being so surprised by this.

ENTERTAINMENT: Once you start watching Made in Chelsea, it’s hard to stop. What started as virtual ‘sight seeing’ around my new town (I’ve been bed ridden sick for a few days) has developed into a proper Netflix induced binge. Help me please.


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