A Weekend in Paris

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn

Growing up in Australia, the concept of the multi hour road trip is not unusual: after all, it’s a big country. Drive two/three hours outside of Melbourne and you can practically still call yourself in Melbourne. Hop in the car, cruise up the Hume Hwy for eight hours or so and you’ll find yourself in Sydney.  I have incredibly fond memories of these road trips from my childhood, complete with my anti-skip Sony discman, Fawlty Towers episodes on cassette tape and many wonderful destinations at the end of the long drive, crammed in the backseat in between my two siblings.

The recent bank holiday weekend (my first since moving to London) gave me my first taste of what is renowned as the European experience: I took the Eurostar to Paris.


I’m still in awe of the concept of being able to hop on a train and in two hours, be in another country. I feel like there’s something so luxurious about jetting (figuratively, in this instance) off to different parts of Europe for the weekend. This time, it was Paris where I spent the next 48 hours (despite seemingly endless rain!) soaking up Parisian beauty and trekking out to Giverny to pay Monet’s picturesque gardens a visit. Bliss!

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