Things I have learned (so far) about moving abroad


1. Everyone’s an expert – and has valuable advice to be shared. The more I opened up to people (everyone from acquaintances to the call centre operator at RACV to close friends and work colleagues), the more I realised that everyone has different nuggets of advice to bring to the table. There’s so much to think about when shifting your life around and the helpful advice of others has really ensured that this elephant won’t forget. Since arriving UK, these little bits of information have really helped me get my bearings about where to start.

2. It feels like a holiday…it hasn’t sunk in that this is where I’m going to make a bit of a life of for the next two years.

3. It’s really not that cold. So turns out my expert friends were probably on to something when they suggested that I really DON’T need to pack seven coats. I think I’m probably the only person in London wishing it were a bit chillier so I can justify my wardrobe.

4. Finding a flatshare feels like blind dating. Thus, I am extremely glad that my profession has taught me the art of the pitch and even MORE (perhaps disproportionately) glad that I became obsessed with running last year so I have a legit hobby to list.

5. Liberty is still the most wonderful place on earth.

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